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Photographs by Barry Bland


A Search for the Ashy Gecko in the Florida Keys

by Richard Bartlett

There are on the Lower Keys of Florida three species of tiny geckos of the genus Sphaerodactylus. Two of these, the Ashy and the Ocellated Geckos, are considered established alien species. The third, the Reef Gecko, is thought to be a native form.

Jake and I had driven to the Lower Keys (this term means south of the 7 Mile Bridge) for an entirely different reason, but since we had a bit of spare time, when Jake said he’d like to find a hatchling Ashy Gecko a quick look seemed to mesh well with our later plans. Jake had already found numerous examples of the plain-colored adult Ashys, but the beautifully colored hatchlings had managed to evade his efforts…

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photographs by Richard Bartlett